Are you watching Man. Utd?

Kirstin, Ella and Charlie were out on Sunday afternoon at Amanda, Sophie and Olivia’s for dinner. That left me with some quality time with my littlest girls.

After some feeding and rest, we headed off to Brendan’s (Cowderoy Dairy) for a flat white and to catch up with the Sundays.  The weather had really turned at the weekend and we had a wintry blast (Australian Style) meaning I had to wear my North Face jacket for the first time this year.

The girls were just perfect and looked after me well. When we got back we decided to catch up with the weekend football which is always on tv here on a Sunday afternoon. Here are the girls admiring the play of the red devils:

Rooney or Berbatov?
Rooney or Berbatov?



I’ve tried to tell them that Hearts are just as good but they both just gave me a glazed look??


Are you watching Man. Utd?

Where did 6 months go?

On Tuesday Ruby & Poppy will be 6 months old…..well, in ‘actual’ terms they are but on development the docs still talk about them as 4 months adjusted age because they were born so prem.  It’s all very confusing given that other things such as immunisations are given at actual age.  Anyway, suffice to say these 6 months have passed us by in a bit of a blur but now they’re doing really well and are happy healthy babies…..

Poppy in Charlie’s carseat


Poppy getting friendly with the monkey


Looking VERY alike today


Smiling in our baby capsules


Is anyone going to help me or shall I just fall over (Ruby)????


Poppy was very amused by Ruby’s antics from above


Proud big sister







Where did 6 months go?

Chesterfield Farm

We had a great trip to Chesterfield farm today.  Charlie had been desperate to visit the farm and kept asking us to go.  We always visited Collingwood Children’s farm but Kaylene told me about Chesterfield so we went along.  It’s different, more spacious with more animals and I think more to do as in tractor rides, animal feeding, demonstrations etc. but lacking the ‘homeliness’ of Collingwood.

Watching the cows being milked (neither Ella or Charlie were keen to have a turn)


Ella holding a chicken


And Charlie


Charlie looking a bit nervous with a rabbit


The Emu was boss!!



Chesterfield Farm

Happy Easter

It’s so nice for Alan to have a couple of days off over the long Easter weekend.  On Friday Ruby & Poppy were still poorly so I stayed home with them while Alan, Ella & Charlie had breakfast at Nacional followed by fun in the park.  Ella spent the hours from 11-6 playing with Lottie (6yr old girl who lives next door) and she was exhausted come bed time.

Charlie & Alan went to the market on Alan’s bike on Saturday morning then Ella & I were at Abby’s birthday party.  We had a lovely afternoon with Amanda, Olivia & Sophie – kids playing, vino and yummy dinner.  I grabbed an early night while Neil came over to watch the football with Alan (Scottish football).

This morning the Easter Bunny had paid a visit to our house much to the delight of Ella & Charlie.  I swear Charlie spotted the first ones from his bed even before the lights were on!





Happy Easter