Australian Grand Prix

Last weekend saw Melbourne host the Australian Grand Prix in Albert Park.  Dad, Alan, Dave & Harry had 4 day passes so enjoyed the event from Thursday through Sunday.  It was great to see Dad enjoying himself – he’s been a GP fan for as long as I remember but had only watched on TV.  For a full run down of events have a look at

Ella & Charlie went in on the weekend although Charlie was more interested in his beloved ‘Harry cars’ (more commonly known as Minis but Harry drives one hence Charlie calls them all Harry cars) than the noisy F1 cars.  Even with earplugs in he didn’t like the noise.

Charlie happier than a boy can be!!


Mum, Charlie, Harry, Ella, Dad and a beloved ‘Harry Car’


Ella, Charlie & Harry


Ella posing


Dad, Harry & Dave just hanging around…..


Harry’s serious face


Dave putting a brave face on a hangover!


Dad, Harry & Alan on the track


Harry, Dad & Alan watching the race


Jill & Mhairi


The Podium with Jenson Button the winner


Australian Grand Prix

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