High Drama on the Kinder Run

Melbourne is forecast to be hit by extreme weather late this afternoon with the State Emergency Service going as far as to advise commuters to leave work early to avoid havoc on the public transport system.  Blackouts are feared when damaging winds are predicted to hit the city around 5pm.  Anyway, the winds picked up early and as I was dropping Ella at kinder at 1 we heard a loud crash and turned around to see this huge branch fall off a tree.  Luckily noone was hurt.



High Drama on the Kinder Run

One thought on “High Drama on the Kinder Run

  1. Pam Angus says:

    Hiya Guys

    Pam here ( prev: MDB)

    I am a regular on checking what you guys are all upto. I cant believe how grown up all the kids are getting. They are all so very beautiful and all totally mini versions of you both.

    Abigail is getting a very big grown up girl herself and as I speak, well email, is on her way to her second day of nursery….I am sooooo nervous as I took her yesterday and as my mum will be taking her 3 days out of 5 we thought it best to get her right into the routine….my tummy is in KNOTS!!!!

    Anyhow as it is 12.41pm here – LUNCHTIME 🙂 I best get on.

    Take care and look forward to hearing from you all soon….I will email pictures of abigail as I finally, well stuart has actually, put photos on the laptop.

    hugs to you all……kisses to kids


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