Around the Bay in a Day

Today in Melbourne 15000 people are taking part in ‘Around the Bay in a Day’.  The event allows anyone to participate in the country’s largest single day bike ride around Port Phillip Bay with 250km, 210km, 100km, 80km and 50km ride options.  Jill is doing the 210km and she called me when she’d made it to the ferry(in 3hrs 45 min) to cross from Sorrento to Queenscliff before setting off again.  She was in great form although a bit sore!!  OK so this update is a bit late but she did it!!!!!!  Unfortunately she got a puncture 20k out from the finish  which delayed her a bit but she managed in around 7.5 hours.  Her first reaction was never again but that’s changed during the week and she’s going to put herself through it again (with more training) next year.

A map of the route is below:


Around the Bay in a Day

One thought on “Around the Bay in a Day

  1. Greg says:

    Hi Alan, give my best to Jill – that cycle sounds awesome to coin a better word.
    When she makes it – give her my best! G&Ll&bump

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