The Great Australian Run

As part of the Great Australian Run (which Alan is running in tomorrow) there is a 2km family race for kids aged 3-12.  Ella ran in it this morning.  She had great fun and was so proud to have her own running number!  It was amusing to watch as some parents were taking it way too seriously….

Heading to the race

William & Ella getting in some practice runs

Poppy & Ruby

Fantastic Face-Painting


Last Minute Preparations

Our Cheeky Tiger

Almost at the Finish – Go Ella!!!!!

Post-Race Proudly displaying their medals (Jenni with William and Alan with Ella)


The Great Australian Run

Ruby & Poppy’s 12 Month Assessment

Ruby & Poppy saw the maternal health nurse for their 12 month assessment this morning (although due to confusion with the admin staff they shouldn’t have had it until they are ‘corrected age’ 12 months at the end of Dec!!).  So, here’s how they measure up:


weight – 9.345 kg

length – 71 cm

head – 46.1 cm



weight – 9.695 kg

length – 71.4 cm

head – 46 cm

Ruby & Poppy’s 12 Month Assessment

A Very Hot trip to the Zoo

Grandma & Grandad took a very happy Ella & Charlie to the zoo yesterday.  They seemed to cope well despite the heat (31) but the grandparents definitely looked a little weary when they got home around 4.  As you can see Charlie took an impromptu nap on a bench in the zoo and Ella snoozed on the tram on the way home.

Cooling Down…..


Full of Mischief


Scared of the ‘crocodile’




Heat & Excitement took their toll on Charlie


A Very Hot trip to the Zoo