Christmas Day 2009

Yes, as you can imagine Christmas Day in the Donaldson house was somewhat hectic.  It was near impossible to keep track as Ella & Charlie tore into presents and Ruby & Poppy only wanted to play with the wrapping.

And onto the presents from under the tree…

Ella wondering what to open first

Ruby looking a bit bewildered by it all

Charlie having chocolate for breakfast

And yes you can see the packet – he ate them one after the other in quick succession!!

Ella very excited about her dress from Auntie Katrin & Uncle Paul

Very impressed with Lofty!

Charlie’s most favourite present

Everyone in their Christmas outfits from Grandma Donaldson

Poppy in action

Later in the day Mhairi & Harry and Jill & Dave came over for dinner – we all ate and drank too much!


Poppy with Grandad


Ruby with Auntie Mhairi

Poppy modelling her new sunhat

And Ruby with her new hat & shoes

Family Photo


Jill & Dave

Ruby & Poppy

After dinner Ella & Charlie had fun using us as their patients as they played hospitals and as their customers in their hair salon.

In the evening friends of Alan’s (Matt & Matt) joined us for more drinks.  One of them had arrived in Melbourne on Xmas eve so Alan plying him with alcohol plus the effects of jet lag led to snoring on the sofa!

Christmas Day 2009

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