Happy 3rd Birthday Charlie

Today Charlie turned 3 and in a few weeks he’ll be starting 3 year old kindergarten.  He’s grown up so much lately.  We had a party with his friends at the house this morning complete with his big ‘surprise’ – a Lightning McQueen jumping castle in the back garden.  The only stumbling point being that his best buddy, Jake, is still on holiday and if you asked Charlie at any time who was coming to his party, Jake was top of the list (looking forward to reuniting them soon!!!).  He had so much fun today.

Birthday Morning – opening some presents

Waiting for his Surprise

Party Time

Pinata Time

The After Party (safe now for Ruby & Poppy to have a turn)

Happy Birthday James – another party!!!!

Charlie’s friend James turned 3 today also, he was at Charlie’s party this morning and we went to his party in the park this afternoon.  Here’s the birthday boy blowing out his candles.


Everyone was tired after 2 parties and also filthy from the park.  This is bath-time Donaldson style…


Happy 3rd Birthday Charlie

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