Freakish Weather

Melbourne was again hit with freak storms yesterday afternoon with 29mm of rain falling in the city between 3 and 4pm.   With strong winds and hailstones up to 10cm wide the city was left in gridlock with public transport at a standstill and traffic lights out on major junctions.  Bearing in mind that the forecast said “Cloudy. Showers and thunderstorms with locally heavy falls, hail and strong winds” – this is not what we had in mind as you’ll see from the photos below.  Alan had taken Ella & Charlie to the museum and they were stuck on a tram when the storm hit:

The view from the tram

Shoppers sheltering anywhere they can, the white stuff floating down the street is ice (the hailstones were huge).

Ella watching safely from the tram

Charlie oblivious to it all

A river running past Spencer Street Station

And at Crown nobody was going anywhere fast

It was at the casino that the trams started backing up and nobody was moving so the only option was to get out and walk.  I managed to drive into Whiteman Street to pick them up but they’d had to wade through knee deep water to get there.  All a big adventure!

Mummy to the rescue!

The Drowned Rats!

And here are some general pictures of the storm

South Melbourne Market

St Kilda Road

Trams at Federation Square

The roof came in at Spencer Street Station

Waterfall down the stairs at Flemington Race Course


Freakish Weather

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