Danielle had her hands full!!

Yesterday was the first day of Easter holidays and the rain poured down.  Thankfully it was dry this morning so the kids could get out for some fresh air!  Danielle came over with Cameron & Jake and pushed the pram for me while I followed on my crutches.  I did my best to help but Danielle had her hands full with all the kids.  Poppy in particular is a bit of a dare devil on the play equipment although Cameron was only too happy to help her out.  I did one very important job, ordered us coffee!!!  Thanks Danielle.

Snack Time – Cameron, Poppy, Ruby & Charlie

Ruby, Cameron, Charlie, Poppy & Ella

Ella, Cameron cuddling Ruby, Charlie & Poppy (Jake kept saying he would come in the picture “in a minute”)

Cameron & Jake getting dizzy

And now Charlie’s turn

Poppy & Ruby on the slide

Cameron helping Poppy before she sat on poor Ruby

Charlie & Jake

Daredevil Poppy in action with Ella


Danielle had her hands full!!

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