Easter Weekend

Its funny that we are almost at the end of another week and I’ve not yet posted pictures from our Easter weekend.  It was beautiful autumn weather over Easter and lovely to have Alan home for an extra couple of days.  Good Friday was a day of pottering and Alan managed to get a decent training run in (its been tricky finding the time to train while I’ve been out of action).  At night I went out for an early birthday dinner with Kaylene to Kamel in Albert Park.  The food was delicious and well worth a visit!

On Saturday Alan helped Neil move out of his apartment while Ella ‘helped’ Kirsteen with a few jobs.  I’m not sure exactly how much helping went on or whether she just talked/sang at her for a few hours????  In the afternoon Ella & Charlie went to the pub with them an Auntie Mhairi helped entertain Ruby & Poppy.  Easter Sunday started way too early at 6 a.m. (our clocks changed that night) and the Easter egg hunt was on.  Ella & Charlie were so excited running around with their baskets finding chocolate eggs.  Ruby & Poppy found a few and were delighted with themselves.  I’m sure all of them had eaten way too much before we convinced them to have breakfast.  Sophie’s birthday party was that afternoon and they had another egg hunt.

Easter Monday was my birthday!  We spent a lovely morning in the fort playground and ran into a friend from mothers group, Sarah, who I hadn’t seen for a long time.  Ella loved playing with Camilla again.  Kaylene came along with Harvey & Toby too.  In the afternoon I went our for afternoon tea to the Windsor Hotel with Mhairi & Jill.  Never underestimate the title – there was so much food that if you ever go do it on an empty stomach.  Delicious and we had so much fun.  Alan & Uncle Harry took the kids to the outdoor pool at Prahran.

Photos from the park (for all our non Melbourne friends the unsightly scaffolding & fencing is what remains from the Grand Prix the week before as the race track is just behind this park)

Birthday Girls

My birthday celebrations continued on Tuesday when Alan took me out to Movida for dinner.   Voted the best Spanish restaurant in Australia and it was delicious!  Thanks to Kaylene for babysitting.


Easter Weekend

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