Running Ella and an Injured Charlie

Ella decided yesterday morning that she wants to run like Daddy so off she went and put on her shorts and trainers and started to do some exercises while Alan got ready.

For those of you who know where we live she ran along to the Sandbar on Beaconsfield parade and half way back – around 2km.  Charlie as with them too on his scooter.  They then walked back to the our local cafe for a drink.  Ella came home very proud of herself.  Charlie on the other hand collapsed in a heap when he got some complaining that his foot hurt and he didn’t want his shoes on.  He’s been complaining of a sore foot and limping since Treehouse on Wednesday when another kid hit him with a spade in the sandpit.  His pain seemed to be getting worse so we decided we better get it checked out.  After a couple of hours in Sandringham Hospital (surrounded by kids injured from all the Saturday morning sport) they x-rayed it and he has a small greenstick fracture to the outside of his right foot.  He proceeded to run around for the rest of the afternoon with no shoes on, only occasionally stopping to limp when he realised it still hurt.

Here he is about to go for his x-ray

Running Ella and an Injured Charlie

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