It’s Been a While….

Yes it has been a while since I posted on my blog…..I can’t imagine what I’ve been doing!  I’ll give you a rundown of what’s been going on but first I must point out that its 6:49pm here and ALL the kids are asleep.  There’s a lot to be said for kinder, fresh air and swimming  lessons in one day!

Back at the start of May we finally got around to putting Ruby & Poppy back into the third bedroom which had been set up for Grandma & Grandad who left in January!  I know what you’re thinking but weekends just always seemed to be busy and we never got around to dismantling the bed and moving the cots in.  They’re now settled in their new room and have (I think) taken to sleeping through the night.

Poppy getting in the way when the cots were being moved

Ella happy to have her room back!

On Sunday 2nd May we drove to Belgrave to watch Mhairi run in the Great Train Race where runners race against the Puffing Billy train.  It was a fun morning and she ran an excellent time of 1:15:27 on a course which can only be described as ‘uphill’.  My friend Joules was also running so we caught up with her husband Damien and their kids Gemma & Joshua as we watched the runners coming in.

Well Done Maz!

Necessary Train Shot…


The next picture is a random dressing up one of buzz lightyear and a fairy crossed with the Loch Ness Monster and they’re the opposite way around to what you’d expect (unless you’re Auntie Jill).

Happy 5th Birthday Kyle and Happy 2nd Birthday Aidan!  I took Ella and Charlie to their party at daydreamers play centre on the 15th.  They had such fun, Charlie attached at the hip to his best buddy Jake and Ella happily playing with Cameron, Kyle and all their friends.

Birthday Boy Kyle

Birthday Boy Aidan

Ella & Charlie

Best Mates Charlie & Jake

The weekend of the 15th was also when our brush with gastro started.  Poppy and Ruby both got sick on the Saturday hence they couldn’t go to the birthday party.  Continued vomitting and their inability to keep water down saw us in the Children’s Hospital with them on the Sunday to get some fluid into them and some anti-nausea medication.  It did the trick and we got home later that night.  Thanks to Roberta who had Ella overnight and Danielle who had Charlie.  I’m sure Charlie thinks of her as his second ‘mummy’ these days and think sleepovers there are just part of his normal routine.  She’s a great friend!  So Ruby &  Poppy took a couple more days to be well again then Ella came down with it on the Wednesday and Charlie plus Poppy for the second time on the Thursday.  Disgusting is a good word and I’ll spare you any more than that but suffice to say by 3pm on Thurs I called Alan and pleaded that he come home early which he did.  I felt so bad for them but it had to run its course which it did with them finally on the mend by the the Sunday.  Ill kids look so miserable:

We lost a week but hopefully now they’ve all had it that will be our lot with gastro for a while.

Last weekend Alan took Ella & Charlie to Adelaide to visit Bryan, Fiona & Rachel.  They had a great time and Ella has been very grumpy since she got back telling me “I do love you mummy but I’d rather be in Adelaide”.  She obviously enjoyed her time with Rachel playing with all the bigger girls.  It was nice for me to have some time with just Ruby & Poppy.  I took them to the playground on Friday afternoon and had a fun evening/bathtime with them.  On Saturday morning Auntie Mhairi & I took them to Scienceworks.  I’m glad there were 2 of us because the little monkeys kept running off.

Poppy getting very involved….

And Ruby’s turn

Cheeky Monkeys

Row Row Row Your Boat…

Ruby won the race…

They were exhausted after all their running around and fell asleep on the drive home.  We stopped at the Market to do some shopping and to grab some sushi for lunch.

As if that wasn’t enough we took them to get their first shoes in the afternoon so we now have Ruby red shoes and Poppy purple shoes – don’t laugh, we need something to tell them apart!!

Sunday morning was a lot more relaxed chatting to both sets of grandparents on skype and going to Cowderoy’s Dairy for breakfast then a play in the park.  For the first time in a while I slept when Ruby & Poppy went to bed and we all headed to the airport to pick up the rest of the gang.

Talk again soon I promise!!


It’s Been a While….

2 thoughts on “It’s Been a While….

  1. Greg Turner says:

    Glad to see you had a quiet month!!!. Still not sure how you do it!! To see how much Ruby / Poppy have grown is amazing!! Love the Turners

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