Fun at the Museum

Today was a public holiday for the Queens Birthday – yes I realise this is ironic for all my friends back home given that you don’t get a holiday for such an ‘occasion’ but all the same it was great for us to spend the day with Daddy.  We went into Melbourne Museum where we met Amanda with Olivia & Sophie.  The kids all love it and always find new things to look at as well as remembering their favourites.  Today Charlie was really into the Dinosaurs and insects where he took great delight in showing me all the spiders.  Ella enjoyed visiting the Melbourne area complete with old houses and trams to climb aboard.  There is also a fantastic outside play space which they all enjoyed.

All set to go (with mummy having some trouble embracing their ability to dress themselves!!!)


Ruby Escaping

Mummy & Ella reading

Cheeky Charlie

Ella playing in the mirrors

Poppy re-arranging some sealife

Puzzle Time

Sophie & Charlie looking a bit worried in the sleep simulator

Giant Lego – what more could a boy ask for?

Sophie, Ella & Olivia playing outside

Daddy & Poppy


Fun at the Museum

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