Mum’s (Half) Day Off

Alan was my saviour yesterday – for some reason I was feeling extremely tired this week so Alan let me have a long lie on Saturday morning….it’s been a while since the last one!!  He had all the kids up, fed, dressed and out the door by 8:45.  I know I should have stayed in bed longer but I got up when I heard the door close.  It was strange to have my breakfast in uninterrupted peace – a cup of tea that is still hot when you actually drink it, cereal that hasn’t gone soggy by the time you deal with someone’s issue.  I then rushed around doing some jobs that have been on the to do list for a while and prepared the dinner.  To my surprise Alan had taken all of them to the Aquarium – a first for Ruby & Poppy.  I say surprise because Melbourne Aquarium is not the easiest place to negotiate with a pram plus 4 kids running around.  Impressive but I hope he realises the precedent is set!

Posing by the Penguins

We’ve escaped from the pram!

Listening intently at the rockpools

Charlie, Ella, Ruby & Poppy

When they came home they were very excited (Ella & Charlie) and very tired (Ruby & Poppy).  Later in the afternoon I met up with Paula in the city to go baby shopping for our friend back home, it was so much fun to buy beautiful baby clothes with someone else’s money.  I’m glad she trusts us and will keep my fingers crossed she likes them.  Shopping was followed by a well earned glass of wine where we completely lost track of time until Alan called to see what time he should put the dinner in the oven – ooops!


Mum’s (Half) Day Off

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