A Week Full of Fun

This has been a hectic week.  I’ve been trying to get some quality time with all of the kids before I start work on Monday!!!  We spent Monday in the zoo with Dora and her boys Daniel & Yianni.  Of course the highlight was the baby elephant ‘Mali’.  It was fun, Christine was with us so with an extra pair of hands it meant Ruby & Poppy had freedom to be out of the pram.  Ella & Charlie would have kept on going but after 5 hours I had to call it a day – my hip is still not 100% since surgery and it was not happy at all the walking around.  I’m sure not to be in the good books when I see my physio in the morning!

On Wednesday Ruby & Poppy went to childcare as usual but I kept Charlie with Ella & I and we went on an adventure to Scienceworks on the train.  The love going on the train!  Every time we go I’m reminded of what a fantastic place it is.  They both love playing in the cafe and Charlie in particular loves the construction site.

Happiness on the Train

Charlie listening intently to Ella telling him what he had to go and get from the kitchen!

Playing House

Balancing (they’ve put a narrow piece of wood across a streetscape as if you were looking down from the top of a tall building and looking down actually does make you a bit wobbly!)

Bob The Builder (Charlie loved matching the different tools to the different screws, nuts etc.)

Of course it all got too much for Charlie on the train ride home!

This morning I took Ella & Charlie to see Toy Story 3 with their friends Eve & Ewan and their dad, Shannon.  Ella was engrossed and said she really enjoyed it but Charlie got a bit scared at parts.  I could see where he’s coming from, it was a bit ‘darker’ than the previous movies.  In the afternoon Ella went to play at Tassie’s house and Christine & I took the others to the playground.  Poor Ruby & Poppy are choked with the cold but they still enjoyed running around in the fresh air.  Tomorrow will hopefully be a relaxing day for everyone!


A Week Full of Fun

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