Happy 5th Birthday Ella

Ella turned 5 on July 22nd, something she was very excited about!  I think excitement took over as both she & Charlie came wandering through to our bedroom around 2 a.m., thankfully they both went straight back to sleep.  I eventually gave in to the lack of space and got up around 5:45 – this is what I left behind:

Once Ella woke up she delighted in opening some presents, could she be any happier?

And then she found her new bike!

She had a fun morning at kinder because Alan did fruit duty with Charlie and then he stayed on to do birthday ice-cream for all the kids.  Ella was delighted!  She was very excited when I got home from work because she got to open more presents and Auntie Jill & Uncle Dave, Auntie Mhairi & Uncle Harry and Blanche & Tim came to see her.  Here she is:

Happy Birthday Ella

Poppy & Ruby enjoying cake

Charlie with his little present from Hugh & Rory

Ella has been into running with Daddy over the past few months so she was very excited to get her first pair of proper trainers from Auntie Jill and her own running clothes from Grandma.  Here she is all kitted out:

Here she is the next night going out for a run along the beach with Daddy & Charlie:

Ready to Go!

In Action!

On Saturday afternoon she had a few friends over for birthday cake and pass the parcel.


Happy 5th Birthday Ella

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