Kindergarten Excursion

Our little girl is growing up very quickly. Yesterday she went on her first excursion with kinder to watch a show called “The Fastest Boy in the World” by the Patch Theatre Company.  She was adamant that we had to be at kinder early that morning, according to her 6a.m. when in fact they just wanted everyone there a few mins early to ensure everyone was safely on the bus in time.  All very exciting for a 5 year old.

When I got home from work in the evening I asked how it went and all I could gather is that there was someone who wasn’t very nice to the ‘fastest boy in the world’.  She was more excited that Susan (Ari’s mum) had looked after her.

It seems as though the months before school are rapidly running away from us and Ella swings from being very exited at the prospect to crying that she wants to stay at kinder with Annette & Andrea.  I have to admit the teachers are fantastic and that if I was a 5 year old I wouldn’t want to leave such a nurturing environment.


Kindergarten Excursion

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