Charlie is Leaving Home…..

…..He’s not planning on going far just  a few blocks away to move in with Jake.  It all started this evening when I was reading books before bed and he started crying saying “I want to go and live in Jake’s house so we can play with all the Lightning McQueen cars”.  I explained he could play with them when he goes for play dates.  It seems that wasn’t good enough.

He continued that Danielle would be his new mum and Craig his new dad because “I don’t like you really much, or Daddy”.  Talk about pulling at your heartstrings so I said okay we’ll talk to Danielle and he said “no, she really won’t mind”.  Apparently he is keen to have brothers to play cars and “doesn’t really like the girls”.  We jokingly offered to pack his bag which provoked only excitement.  The icing on the cake was when he told Ella she could “come visit on the airplane when he moves to America” and proceeded to give her what seemed like a heartfelt hug & kiss before turning to Alan and asking “Daddy will you drop me off to Danielle’s in the morning?”.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Danielle are you ready for a third son??????


Charlie is Leaving Home…..

3 thoughts on “Charlie is Leaving Home…..

  1. dsduffy says:

    Too funny! Just think, in a few years (Well more than a few) he could jump on his scooter and come over by himself! I’m sure he doesn’t really mean it!

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