A Trip to the Museum

I have a couple of impromptu days off today & tomorrow because poor Christine (the kids nanny) is unwell so I thought we’d make the most of it with school holidays so today we went to the museum.  In our world things rarely run smoothly….

I had to go into work first thing and Alan planned on dropping me off there and I could head into the city with the kids straight after.  Ruy decided to vomit everywhere as we approached docklands….great!  I cleaned most of it up and was determined not to have to head home.  I took Ella & Charlie into work which they thought was a big adventure.  Meanwhile Alan finished cleaning up Ruby.

Needless to say our first city stop was Target to get some fresh clothes for Ruby then it was off to the museum.  She was absolutely fine all day.  We had great fun – Charlie loved the dinosaurs and insects, Ella loved the rainforest and ‘mind & body’.  There were also lots of school holiday activities so Ella got to watch a theatre sketch of the Titanic while Charlie opted to make a model of the Titanic instead.  It certainly filled the day and we didn’t get home till 4!!

Crocodile Hunter

Poppy (far) & Ruby

Peekaboo Ella

Charlie was the only one willing to stand next to the spiders!

Let’s do some colouring

Fun with mirrors

A moment of brotherly/sisterly love….


A Trip to the Museum

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