Family Day

We started this morning with a leisurely breakfast at Pelican and then headed down to Frankston to see the sand sculptures.  After that we played on the beach and at the playground.

The sand sculptures

Charlie, Ella & Ruby

Charlie, Ruby & Me with Poppy

Alan & Ruby

Charlie liked the frogs!

Ella in action

Poppy & Ruby off Exploring

Charlie & Alan

Poppy & Ruby having some lunch


Charlie delighted that Alan has buried him

Poppy & Charlie

A Quiet Journey Home

Bath Time at Auntie Maz & Uncle Harry’s House

The afternoon saw us enjoy a nice cold glass of vino at the Victorian Wine Centre and then we headed to Uncle Harry’s for dinner and a bath before heading home.

I’m back to work tomorrow so really enjoyed today!

Family Day

Christmas Eve at Mummy’s Work

Ella & Charlie came to work with me today while Alan ran all the last minute errands.  They thought it was such an adventure getting the tram so early in the morning, exploring the big building that is the NAB head office in Docklands, ordering their hot chocolates in the cafe, eating far too many lollies (thanks Joy!!) and sitting at their ‘desks’ colouring and chatting to everyone.

On the Tram

At their ‘desks’


Christmas Eve at Mummy’s Work

Ella Finishes Kindergarten

Ella finished kindergarten this week all set to be starting school in February.  She has had a wonderful couple of years at Civic Kindergarten and was quite emotional during their end of term party.  She says she’ll miss Annette (teacher) but it’s ok because she can visit her when she picks up Charlie.  Here are some pictures from the last day:

Posing with Her Friends

Time for a snack

Storytime with Santa

Saying Goodbye to her teachers



Ella Finishes Kindergarten


OK here in Melbourne we’ve been complaining of all the rain & humidity of late, especially on the weekends, but when I spoke to mum & dad during the week and realised just how cold it is at home in Edinburgh I realised just how lucky we are.  Here are some pictures taken from their house… looks beautiful but not if you’re living it for any length of time!