Happy 4th Birthday Charlie

Our ‘little’ boy turned 4 today and due to his excitement the day started at 5:30 when he came wandering through to our bedroom.  He was delighted with his new bike and Alan took him out on it before Ella, Ruby & Poppy woke up.

Here he is in action – still a bit dark at such an early hour of the morning!!

Fun with his Bucket of Soldiers

And firing at them with his water pistol

He spent the morning playing on the beach at Sandbar with his kinder class and in the afternoon met more friends in Cowderoy Park.  When I came home from work he was delighted to show off some of the presents he’d collected along the way.  Danielle came over with Jake & Cameron for dinner and of course birthday cake!

Trying to escape mummy cuddles

With his best buddy Jake

I’m proud of the pirate ship cake!

Happy Birthday Charlie!!

Time for Cake

More presents

Fun with Uncle Dave

Concentrating on his helicopter

And right before bed is a good time to become a ‘racing driver’!!

With Aunties & Uncles and Blanche & Tim visiting too it was a late night for everyone……maybe they’ll sleep in tomorrow or is that just wishful thinking?????????


Happy 4th Birthday Charlie

New Year Celebrations

We celebrated NYE with a BBQ at Jenni & Richard’s.  It was a scorcher with temp reaching 41 and not dropping until well into the evening. The kids had a ball in and out of the splash pool to cool down, dancing and playing really well together.  I eventually took the kids home at 10.30 and tried in vain to stay awake until 12!!

Harvey with Alan & Poppy

Ruby cooling off

Time for dinner


Happy Charlie – he and Darcy are so alike!

Ella, William, Richard & Darcy

It was refreshing to wake up on New Years Day without a thumping headache although I’m not sure Alan shared that feeling!  We spent the 1st at Harry’s and initially Alan insisted he was not drinking only to succumb to beer within an hour!!

Fun with Mummy

Charlie having a chat with Uncle Harry

And now Poppy

A fun day was had by all!  We then took a stroll along the beach towards home with the intention of jumping in a cab if Ella & Charlie got too tired but they walked all the way (Rouse St, Port Melb to Mary St, St Kilda West) with no complaints.  They happily entertained themselves along the way.



New Year Celebrations

Christmas 2010

At last I get around to posting some pictures from the Christmas festivities.  Let’s just say the kids were high as kites on Christmas morning and we had a great dinner with Uncle Harry, Uncle Dave & Auntie Jill then our friends Matt & Laura joined us later.

Very Excited to See if Santa has been

Did Santa & Rudolph have a snack?

Opening Presents

Poppy & Charlie


Poppy with her chocolate stash

And Ruby Eating Hers!!

High Heels, Chocolate  a new House

Musical Moments

Poppy’s Camera Smile

Do we look happy with our presents?


On Boxing Day Alan went to the cricket with Dave & Harry so we just chilled at home playing with all the new toys and getting very excited about having lunch & dinner in the new cubby:


Christmas 2010