Happy 4th Birthday Charlie

Our ‘little’ boy turned 4 today and due to his excitement the day started at 5:30 when he came wandering through to our bedroom.  He was delighted with his new bike and Alan took him out on it before Ella, Ruby & Poppy woke up.

Here he is in action – still a bit dark at such an early hour of the morning!!

Fun with his Bucket of Soldiers

And firing at them with his water pistol

He spent the morning playing on the beach at Sandbar with his kinder class and in the afternoon met more friends in Cowderoy Park.  When I came home from work he was delighted to show off some of the presents he’d collected along the way.  Danielle came over with Jake & Cameron for dinner and of course birthday cake!

Trying to escape mummy cuddles

With his best buddy Jake

I’m proud of the pirate ship cake!

Happy Birthday Charlie!!

Time for Cake

More presents

Fun with Uncle Dave

Concentrating on his helicopter

And right before bed is a good time to become a ‘racing driver’!!

With Aunties & Uncles and Blanche & Tim visiting too it was a late night for everyone……maybe they’ll sleep in tomorrow or is that just wishful thinking?????????


Happy 4th Birthday Charlie

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