Impeccable Timing

As a parent, how often do you marvel at the impeccable timing of children? On Saturday night Alan was out and I had a thumping headache so I decided to have an early night. I put my head on the pillow at 10 (ok that’s early for me) and at that moment heard a thud on the floor in the kids room. I found Ella had fallen out of bed but worse there was an overwhelming smell of vomit. Poor Ruby was sound asleep covered in it.
Once I cleaned her up she was unsettled for a few hours and had disturbed sleep through the night. As I lay with her beside me I could hear Ella shouting out in her sleep, obviously disturbed from her earlier fall. Eventually I drifted off to sleep, all the time aware of Ruby by my side.

I glanced at the clock periodically as Ruby woke with a sore tummy, each time thinking how close it was to morning and how my body craved hours more sleep.  Alan came home around 2 and wanted to have a ‘chat’ about why Ruby was in our bed, a ‘chat’ I pointed out we could have in the morning.  And so the night went on.   When Charlie wandered through to me at 5 having wet his bed, all I could do was throw back the covers and let him snuggle into an already busy bed telling myself I would deal with it all in an hour when the other kids woke up.

I was so thankful for that hour as I ushered them all downstairs so as not to disturb a hungover Daddy and sleeping grandparents.  We all cuddled up on the sofa to watch the Gruffalo until Grandad appeared at 7:30.  Then the mayhem of breakfast in the Donaldson house took over and at the same time dealing with all the laundry generated from the night’s upsets.  Timing, or lack of it, is obviously a child’s prerogative!


Impeccable Timing

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