On Saturday night my months of planning (and of course my accomplices….you know who you are!!) finally paid off when we celebrated a surprise party to celebrate Alan’s 40th.  We had a carriage on board the Melbourne Restaurant Tram.   I’d organised for our friends to board at the depot so that when the tram rumbled along to its regular departure point everyone was in place!  Alan believed we were going out for dinner with my sisters, brothers-in-law and mum & dad and only knew about the tram at the last minute.

I made sure Alan was was last in line to board and then …………………….SURPRISE!!

Now, I can honestly say it’s rare that I’ve ever seen Alan speechless but this was one of those occasions.  It took at least 10 minutes for the dazed look to disappear and for him to actually enjoy himself.  It was fantastic to have so many of his (our) friends together, tainted only by the absence of Craig (damn work commitments!!) and Bryan.

Our tram excitement finished at 11:30 and the sensible in me should have retired to the hotel (yes we had a night away from the kids) but I knew that was never going to happen.  I’d reserved a spot in one of the bars in the casino, aptly named ‘The Waiting Room’ and chosen because a namesake bar was one of Alan’s haunts in Edinburgh.  One too many shots followed along with gambling and general hilarity – some of us left up and others were not admitting how much they were down!  I called time around 4a.m. and was delighted not to have to get up for the kids in the morning – thank you mum & dad and thank you Hilton hotel!!

I pulled it off for his 30th, again for his 40th but I’m sure I’ll never get away with another SURPRISE party again.  Thanks everyone and a very happy birthday for my husband tomorrow!

Friends waiting to board at the depot

Everyone in place

The ‘surprise’ moment (and me in the mirror looking suitably pleased with myself)

Roberta & Maz

Nicole & Harry

Matt, Kevin, Alan & David


Sylvie & Laura

Kay & Dad

Maz & Blanche

Danielle & Andrea

Dave, Jenni & Nicole

Mum, David & Matt

Obviously Maz found something funny!

Happy Birthday Alan

Those of us who thought it a good idea to continue into the Casino: Matt, Richard, Maz, Kay, Alan, Jill, Me, Tim, Laura, Dave & Blanche

A very happy Maz

Or looking a bit more tipsy now with Harry

Harry & Jill

The birthday boy listening to Richard & I