Ruby & Poppy’s First Sleepover

The most exciting part of last Friday for Ruby & Poppy was there first sleepover at Auntie Maz’s house.  All day they wanted to know when Maz would be home from work.  Alan eventually dropped them off at about 5 o’clock much to their delight.  The highlight for them was definitely the bath (only showers in our place) which they had on Friday night and again on Saturday morning as Maz gave in to their demands!!

Here’s some pictures:

Dinner & Drawing



Cheeky Ruby – looking like she’s up to something!


Dancing after our Bath

Bedtime Stories

Fast Asleep


Every morning without fail Poppy gets up looking like she’s had a fight with something but Ruby looks as though she hasn’t moved an inch.  I can only imagine Poppy must wriggle in her sleep…..

Jumping on the bed to wake Uncle Harry

Porridge for Breakfast ……yum!

When we went to pick them up they didn’t want to come home and have been asking all week when they can go back to Maz’s house.  Needless to say, I think they had a good time!


Ruby & Poppy’s First Sleepover