It’s Been Too Long

OK I’ve finally taken heed of all those who have been asking why I’ve not updated the blog in so long.  Well, if truth be told I had many ideas for posts when Alan & Charlie were overseas but somehow kept being distracted by other ‘jobs’.  Here’s a bit of a rundown of recent events/activities…

No TV Week

Ella’s school ran a ‘No TV Week’ incentive last month encouraging children from all grades to avoid watching TV, playing computer games etc. for a whole week.  Surprisingly Ella & Charlie took to the idea and enthusiastically made posters covering the screen:

The school had a poster competition for the kids to draw or take photographs of the activities they did instead.  We took pictures of Ella doing puzzles, baking, drawing and she made a poster which won the prize for her grade.  One very happy girl!


Ella’s school hold an annual fundraiser where all the children take part in a Walkathon around the 400m oval beside school.  The older children can ride/scoot but the younger ones can only walk/run.  They have an hour and can do as few or as many laps as they choose and are sponsored per lap.  I honestly thought they would do 5 or 6 but Ella notched up 15 laps with some of her friends doing 21!  A really good effort considering that’s 6km.

Ella and her friend AJ

Kyle & Aidan’s Birthday’s

Our friends, and brothers, Kyle and Aidan turned 6 and 3 in May and they had a party at their kindergarten.  Charlie missed out as he was overseas with Alan but the girls all had fun.

Ruby & Poppy in their party dresses (thanks Grandma D)

Birthday Boy Aidan (he did his best to avoid this!)

Ella & Cameron

General Pics

There are always so many pictures taken that I never get around to posting.  Here are a few from the past month:

Poppy helping me sweep up the leaves

Windy Windy weather

Napping whenever he feels the need….

Ella & Ruby

Ella & Poppy

Charlie with his buddies in the park – Tom, Ewan, Joel, Jake & Charlie



It’s Been Too Long