School Holidays

With 1 more day to go of school holidays I thought I’d share some of the things we’ve been up to.  During the first week I took Ella & Charlie to Monkey Mania play centre with Andrea and Danielle and their boys.  We had planned a museum trip but given that I tore ligaments in my foot the previous week I needed somewhere I could sit and watch as the kids ran crazy!  Ruby & Poppy were in childcare that day otherwise this would not have been possible.  Later that afternoon we went to see Cars 2.

All set with their 3d glasses

Later that week we went to see The Gruffalo’s Child at the Arts Centre.  Nicole, Eve & Ewan came too.  I had a challenge on the way home when Ruby & Poppy both decided to fall asleep on the tram – always happens on days we try to venture without the pram.

All the gang waiting for the tram to come home – Eve, Ella, Ruby, Poppy, Charlie & Ewan

I guess the big event of the holidays was our ‘Christmas in July’ festivities.  It definitely felt more ‘christmassy’ to me than a hot summer day and roast turkey with all the trimmings was delicious.  We all had a great time (at least I’m hoping nobody thinks otherwise!!) collapsing into bed around 3 a.m. – unheard of in my world!

Ella & Charlie watching a pre-dinner movie (note Ella’s beautiful dress)

And that beautiful dress had been replaced by the comfort of pyjamas before dinner!

Christmas Dinner – yum!

Claire & Ella

Needless to say a pyjama day followed – here are Ruby & Poppy taking an afternoon nap in our bed.

Olivia & Sophie came for a sleepover this week.  Ella and Charlie were so excited for them to sleep on their trundle beds.  It was a busy(ier???) house that night.

Everyone ready for bed – Charlie, Ella, Sophie, Ruby, Poppy & Olivia

Doing a spot of painting

Sophie & Poppy

Ruby’s best camera smile

As if that wasn’t enough we’ve had lots of birthday parties, Christine has taken them swimming, to the play centre plus lots of playdates with their friends so its been pretty non-stop.  It all caught up with Charlie this afternoon while he was watching a movie.

Back to school on Monday…..



School Holidays


It’s hard for Alan & I to believe that Ella & Charlie had their first real snow experience this week given that we grew up in Bonnie Scotland!  Alan and Uncle Dave took them to Lake Mountain to do some tobogganing and they built their first snowman.  Alan said they loved it and that he’s never seen Ella so happy…..we must do it again soon.

Trying, trying, trying to climb up the hill….




Ella at Work

Today Ella came to work with me to take part in a school holiday program  – the Australian Ballet dance education.  The children participated in a range of dance-related activities and workshops led by The Australian Ballet’s Dance Education Ensemble.  Later in the morning the parents re-joined the group to watch a performance by the Ensemble which was interactive for the kids.  They particularly like seeing some of the lavish costumes used in an Australian Ballet production of Snuggle Pot & Cuddle Pie.

After the performance lunch was provided for all and Ella was most excited to get her gift bag with colouring pencils, a money bank and NAB drink bottle!

My colleague’s daughter, Jacqueline, was also taking part so she and Ella became buddies.  They entertained themselves at our desks really well for the remainder of the afternoon thanks to colouring books, ipad etc.


Jacqueline & Ella


Ella at Work

End of Term 2

Hard to believe term 2 has finished already and Ella is half way through prep already.  At school they had a few activities to celebrate the end of term:

The first was ‘crazy hair day’ where everyone was encouraged to make their hair as crazy as possible and give a gold coin donation to raise money for charity.  Ella was very particular about how she wanted her hair:

On the last day of term the preps had to dress up as a character from Letterland – Ella chose to be ‘Talking Tess’ which is quite appropriate!  She was reluctant to have her picture taken.  They finished an hour early on Friday and had an end of term party in the playground.  Ella had great fun eating cupcakes and running around with all her friends.

Charlie is looking forward to kinder holidays too although he was worried he wouldn’t see his friends so we’ve arranged a few playdates.

Here’s hoping for happy holidays!



End of Term 2