Weekend Activities

Another busy weekend is almost over in the Donaldson household!

Ella brought home the school bear, better known as Bojangles, on Friday to spend the weekend with us.  She has excitedly taken him around with her and wrote his diary this evening which she’ll present to her class tomorrow.  Here they are ready to ride to swimming lessons on Saturday morning and then ready for a dip in the pool!

On Saturday we all went to a fundraising screening of Cars 2 at the Astor Theatre.  It was a joint fundraiser for St Kilda Primary and our school, St Kilda Park Primary.  It was Ruby & Poppy’s first time at the cinema and they were really good.  We had a laugh at Poppy because at the end she said “Can we put Nemo on there now?”, thinking it was as casual as changing a DVD at home.

Ella & Charlie then went for a sleepover at Auntie Mhairi’s house so Alan & I took Ruby & Poppy out for dinner, something that is so much easier with only 2 kids to occupy. Here are some of Mhairi’s photos:

This afternoon Ella went to Olivia’s birthday party.  Surprising how much fun they got from decorating themselves on the pavement!

Now the weekend would not be complete without some of Charlie’s sleeping antics, this one is a classic.  He was in ‘time out’ and when I went to get him this is what I found:

A final picture to end our weekend, Ella & I decided to go out for a run just before dinner which was about the same time the heavens decided to open.  We had fun but got absolutely soaked!



Weekend Activities