Weekend in Lorne

This is a late post but we spent Grand Final weekend at Jenni & Richard’s house in Lorne.  They have a fantastic place there and it was great to escape the city, relax (as much as you can with 6 kids in the house) and catch up with them away from the normal weekend rushing!

The weather was wet to say the least but the kids didn’t care.  Here they are on a bush walk, this picture looks deceptively ‘dry’ but by the time we got back to Alan & Richard in the pub we were soaked through!

Darcy, Charlie, Ella & William

Ruby, Ella, Charlie, Darcy & William (Poppy stayed with Daddy in the pub)

Milkshakes after walking along the beach.  Charlie was delighted to find a snake skin although Ella was just worried as to where the snake had gone!

Darcy, Poppy, William, Ella, Charlie & Ruby

Shannon joined us with her kids AJ, Felix & Teddy to watch the game but the transmitter went down due to the weather….amusing for Jenni & I but Richard was beside himself having to listen on the radio.  We gave in and headed to the pub for the last quarter.

On Sunday the sun came out and we enjoyed a coffee while the kids happily played in the sand.

Ella & Darcy


Weekend in Lorne

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