Weekend Fun

We started the weekend with two little girls very excited about their first ballet class but the reality was all a bit too much for them and they didn’t want to join in.  They watched from outside the class, copying the teacher, so maybe we’ll try again next term.

Yesterday afternoon we decided to make a worm farm….more difficult than you think!!

Sunday brought with it beautiful sunshine.  We spent the morning wandering around the market then had a picnic lunch in Catani Gardens.

It’s surprising how much fun kids can have pulling each other around in a shopping trolley!

Ella posing


Ruby & Poppy walking home

Later in the afternoon Alan cycled with all the kids up to playground at Albert Park Primary. Poppy is crying in this pic because she went over her handle bars just before….she was remarkably unscathed considering!

I need to invest in a bike so I can join them but in saying that it was good to have the car because everyone was too hot and tired to cycle all the way back!  They had fun at the park playing with Olivia and Sophie.


Weekend Fun

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