Hectic Weekend

It seems that the silly season is definitely upon us and weekends are busy, busy, busy.

After school on Friday I took everyone to see the Christmas light show in Crown Casino….they were mesmerised.  Ruby & Poppy danced along to the music, much to the amusement of those around us.

On Saturday we were delighted to attend Naomi’s Dedication.  She is the youngest child of our friends George & Janice.  The service was lovely with readings from both of her big brothers telling of their experiences since the family emigrated from Scotland to Australia six years ago.  Here’s Naomi with Alan & I:

The kids spent most of the time vying for turns on the trampoline.  Here is Charlie in action:

We then headed to Jill & Dave’s housewarming party.  They recently moved to East Bentleigh so no longer a 10 minute stroll but a 30 minute drive to visit them.  Lots of fun was had by all with the highlight for the kids being the bath!

They then snuggled down to watch a movie before we headed home.

Today Ruby & Poppy went to their first party without Ella & Charlie.  They love George (little brother of Sascha who goes to kinder with Charlie) and had lots of fun.

This afternoon we decorated the tree which was delivered amidst yesterday’s busy schedule.  Ella & Charlie put decorations on but it took Poppy a while to grasp that she couldn’t then take them off and move them around.


Everyone was exhausted tonight so it made bedtime a whole lot easier!

Hectic Weekend

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