A Weekend in Port Campbell

We spent this past weekend with friends at Port Campbell holiday park and what a fun time we had.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather (although my slightly sun burnt legs might have appreciated a few degrees cooler on Saturday!), better company and with that the unexpected addition of one of Ella’s classmates, her mum and twin brothers.  The more the merrier.  In the end we had 9 adults and 14 kids, no mean feat but everyone got along just fine.

We spent hours on the beach with the Dad’s engineering a swimming pool for the kids, (because clearly the ocean a few metres away was not enough).  We were close to 7 hours that first day and the kids would happily have stayed longer in the same spot doing pretty much the same thing for way longer if we’d let them.

The freedom they have on a camping holiday is fantastic.  Making new friends, scooting laps of the camp site, learning to negotiate the skate park, visiting the games/tv room and ducking past the tent whenever they needed a snack or a drink and everyone looking out for each other.  Here are some photos.

That’s a Whole Lot of Kids!!

Their Very Own Swimming Pool!

Dinner Time

AJ and Ella scooting

Ruby & Aiden having a chat

Go Kart Fun

Play Park

Kids Doing the Dishes (shame we only learnt their enthusiasm for this on the last night!)

Hanging Out  L to R – Poppy, Jake, Frankie, Kaleb and Charlie

Ruby & Poppy asleep in the tent

Mums Together L-R Marie, Shannon, Andrea, Danielle (sorry its the only one on my camera) and me

We arrived home late this afternoon and yes it’s a pain to unpack, load all the laundry and scrub everyone clean but will we do it again?  Of course….when is the next holiday weekend?


A Weekend in Port Campbell

Birthday Celebrations

Alan & I took Charlie and 4 of his friends to the movies on Friday morning.  He could hardly contain his excitement awaiting their arrival in the morning.  Ella tagged along too despite Charlie begging her to let it just be boys (and mummy)!

I seem to always forget the volume of noise that comes out of groups of boys together…..then I remember how lots of my close friends feel every day!!  They ran everywhere and I’m sure none of them heard any of my requests but that was all part of their fun.  They all loved the tram ride and in particular putting their own ticket into the machine and squabbling for who could press the bell (I think they requested every stop).

Next challenge, what did they want to eat.  Eventually we settled on ice-cream and popcorn for all.  The movie, The Muppets, was a little slow to start for us adults but the kids didn’t seem to notice.  Charlie has been singing along to the songs these past few days.

Posing after the movie

The tram ride home was equally as boisterous and back home they all had fun on the trampoline and playing with water guns.  We had one tired but very happy Charlie that night, as he fell asleep during dinner!


Birthday Celebrations

Happy 5th Birthday Charlie

Today we celebrated Charlie’s 5th birthday.  In my head it seems such a whirlwind since our beautiful boy came into the world but then I stop myself and think of all that’s happened in that time and look at the smart, energetic, caring and loving boy that we have now.  He was in fantastic form today and was lucky to get lots of wonderful presents, although Uncle Harry has a lot to answer for with the remote control tarantula.  I swear that thing will take years off my life!

Auntie Maz looked after everyone today as I had to work but we’re taking a couple of his closest buddies to the movies on Friday.  He’s very excited for that!

The birthday boy

Time for cake

What a mess



Happy 5th Birthday Charlie

Family Camping

We spent a fantastic few days and nights camping in Bright this past weekend.  Ruby, Poppy & Charlie developed chicken pox on day 1 but we didn’t let it get in the way (although poor Pops was run down with it for an afternoon).  Our campsite was alongside a river giving the kids endless entertainment from swimming, fishing, dam building and stone skimming.  It was also the perfect place to cool off from the sun. Ella & Charlie loved having the freedom to ride their bikes around the site and visit the playground when they wanted…..something they can’t do in St Kilda due to traffic & trams!

In all there were 9 adults and 13 kids, brave you may think but for us it worked well.  Everything we had forgotten was covered by someone else and vice versa.  Between us we had a great set up!

My only complaint….the torrential rain we had to pack up in but I guess that makes for a hardy camper!!

A stop off on route

All the boys (minus Frankie)

Ruby taking a nap in Zach’s pram

This couldn’t have been comfortable but she did fall asleep….

Beer for the girls!

Friends together!

Charlie & Jake at the Skate Park

Ruby hitching a lift

Alan’s turn to cook


Our campsite

Navigating after dusk

Boys looking for Wally!

Fun in the river

Marshmallows by the campfire and an introduction to s’mores by our American friends


Family Camping