Family Camping

We spent a fantastic few days and nights camping in Bright this past weekend.  Ruby, Poppy & Charlie developed chicken pox on day 1 but we didn’t let it get in the way (although poor Pops was run down with it for an afternoon).  Our campsite was alongside a river giving the kids endless entertainment from swimming, fishing, dam building and stone skimming.  It was also the perfect place to cool off from the sun. Ella & Charlie loved having the freedom to ride their bikes around the site and visit the playground when they wanted…..something they can’t do in St Kilda due to traffic & trams!

In all there were 9 adults and 13 kids, brave you may think but for us it worked well.  Everything we had forgotten was covered by someone else and vice versa.  Between us we had a great set up!

My only complaint….the torrential rain we had to pack up in but I guess that makes for a hardy camper!!

A stop off on route

All the boys (minus Frankie)

Ruby taking a nap in Zach’s pram

This couldn’t have been comfortable but she did fall asleep….

Beer for the girls!

Friends together!

Charlie & Jake at the Skate Park

Ruby hitching a lift

Alan’s turn to cook


Our campsite

Navigating after dusk

Boys looking for Wally!

Fun in the river

Marshmallows by the campfire and an introduction to s’mores by our American friends


Family Camping

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