Birthday Celebrations

Alan & I took Charlie and 4 of his friends to the movies on Friday morning.  He could hardly contain his excitement awaiting their arrival in the morning.  Ella tagged along too despite Charlie begging her to let it just be boys (and mummy)!

I seem to always forget the volume of noise that comes out of groups of boys together…..then I remember how lots of my close friends feel every day!!  They ran everywhere and I’m sure none of them heard any of my requests but that was all part of their fun.  They all loved the tram ride and in particular putting their own ticket into the machine and squabbling for who could press the bell (I think they requested every stop).

Next challenge, what did they want to eat.  Eventually we settled on ice-cream and popcorn for all.  The movie, The Muppets, was a little slow to start for us adults but the kids didn’t seem to notice.  Charlie has been singing along to the songs these past few days.

Posing after the movie

The tram ride home was equally as boisterous and back home they all had fun on the trampoline and playing with water guns.  We had one tired but very happy Charlie that night, as he fell asleep during dinner!


Birthday Celebrations

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