Hard to believe its been close to two months since I updated my blog…..clearely I’ve been letting the side down!

I have some exciting news to report – Ella arrived safely in Scotland with her Auntie Mhairi to spend the Easter holidays with her grandparents.  She has been so excited about her ‘big trip’ and I’m amazed that the secret was kept.  As departure day drew closer I was nervous during our skype chats that someone would let the cat out of the bag but no – mum & dad got a huge surprise when they went to pick up Mhairi from the airport.  Alan’s parents got an equally big surprise when they went to pick up a ‘parcel’ we’d given Mhairi for them and then were greeted by Ella at the door!

I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane…..

The ‘surprise’:

Hanging Out with her Cousins – Elliot & Lennox

Lost Another Tooth in Scotland

Fun in the Park with Grandma & Grandad

I really wish I could be with them but its not to be for now.  Charlie is missing his big sister and while Ruby & Poppy ask for her, they don’t have the same concept of time as to how long she is away.  I’m delighted for her to spend time with the family but in the back of my mind my focus is April 14th when I get to give her a big hug again!



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  1. I love this! I’m a bit teary-eyed with such happiness for your parents, they must’ve loved seeing Ella. But I know it is bittersweet for the rest of you…

  2. Greg says:

    Great surprise Kirstin, You did well do keep that a secret!! I am sure she will be delighted to see the snow and tell all her pals when she goes back to school! Gran parents must have loved it! Gxx

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