School Holidays

I thought I’d write a post about our activities during the school holidays, albeit a dim and distant memory already!

As every year of the winter break here, this one started off with birthday parties galore.  The majority of the girls in Ella’s grade seem to have birthdays that fall in July so booking a spot sometimes requires negotiation!  We should really all just get together and have one big celebration… for thought next year!  These parties ranged from gymnastics to ceramics, disco, amusement park and art & craft.  On top of that a fairy entertainer at a party for one of Ruby & Poppy’s friends.

Parties Galore



Alan was at the reigns in the first week and they had a ball at Scienceworks, play-dates with friends, Ella had a gymnastics gala day.  Not a bad week of activity given that everyone was run down and had the beginnings of the dreaded lurgy!    On the Friday night we took the kids to see the fireworks in Docklands as part of the Winter Festival and had dinner with friends.

At the Fireworks

We headed down to Lorne on the middle Saturday to Jenni & Richard’s place.  I will forever underestimate the amount of stuff a family of 6 need even for 2 nights away! This should have been a relaxing weekend for everyone so you can imagine my dismay when, on the Saturday night, I realised that Ella was supposed to be a birthday party on the Sunday morning.  It wasn’t just any party, it was one in an amusement park where I’d volunteered to be a parent helper….disaster!  Excuses, I could have made them but that’s not me so Ella & I headed back on Sunday morning then back to join the fun in Lorne in the afternoon.


I was on annual leave for the second week which was great.  Ruby & Poppy were delighted to go to Alexia’s (their best buddy at kinder) house for a playdate.  I took Ella, Charlie & Frankie bowling, funny to watch their competitive spirits come out.  More playdates, sleepovers and ice-skating for Ella made it a busy week.  Alan & I celebrated (well not really) our 10th wedding anniversary on the 13th.  We postponed a dinner at Maha because we were both still getting over heavy colds and instead had pizza with lovely friends!


Mexican Sugar Skulls at Immigration Museum

The 16th saw everyone back into the school and kinder routine and me back to work!


School Holidays