Happy 7th Birthday Ella

Ella celebrated her 7th birthday on July 22nd and again with her friends at her party this past weekend.  She was so excited to get a new bike and has made Alan promise they can ride to school more often…..let’s see how long this enthusiasm lasts.  On her actual birthday we went out for brunch with her Aunties and Uncles and then she had one of her friends over for a playdate followed by the St Kilda Adventure Playground later in the afternoon.  She challenged me to make a pinata cake and challenge was the operative word, it took me 3 attempts to get the chocolate shell to work!

Birthday morning opening presents


My new bike!

Birthday Cake


On Saturday she had an art & craft party (www.artyparties.com.au) which was lots of fun. 11 little girls painting & decorating while singing along to One Direction…..bliss in their eyes!

A couple of her friends stayed for a sleepover and they had the run of the house which was lovely for Ella.  Charlie had gone to Uncle Harry’s for a sleepover and Ruby & Poppy were staying with Auntie Maz.




Happy 7th Birthday Ella