A Fun-Filled End of Term

School finished on September 21st for the holidays but the lead up was hectic as always.  Alan & I finally celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, a date that had been postponed since July.  We eventually coordinated both my lovely sisters to take 2 of the kids overnight which was bliss.  It’s amazing how much you miss them when they’re not around and they gave us huge cuddles when they came home.

Ella’s grade had been learning all about Fairytales this term and they invited all the parents in to see their projects – Ella chose Rapunzel.



Dressed up with her friends a few weeks before


She also had footy colours day where she proudly wore her St Kilda colours.  She has been led astray recently by her Auntie Maz and it took some persuasion for her not to  borrow a Hawks scarf….Daddy would not have been pleased!  She then had her basketball team end of term ‘party’ in the playground mid-week so we baked some treats for that.  I missed the fun and games in the park on the Friday because I was working but they all had lots of fun and treats.

Ruby & Poppy’s kinder class had an end of term Teddy Bear’s Picnic which they thought was loads of fun.  They baked cupcakes to share with their friends.

Charlie’s class went on an excursion to Kids in Motion in Port Melbourne.  I’d never heard of this place but it was fantastic, I’d highly recommend a visit for anyone whose kids love to jump/climb and run off their boundless energy.  They were pretty excited about the bus journey too.

They then had a picnic and play in the park where everyone took a plate of food to share……more baking!!

Friday night is always a wind down night for us, usually a family movie. We spoke to Grandma & Grandad on Skype and Poppy fell asleep during it.  She’s starting to take after Charlie in her ability to fall asleep anywhere.

We had a weekend of tidying up and clearing out.  It was time to get rid of any remaining baby items, including the double pram which hadn’t been used for months.  Ruby & Poppy happily cleaned it up ready for donation to St Kilda Mums.


Charlie is enthralled by Harry Potter at the moment and he finally convinced me to dye his hair to finish off his costume.  To say he was delighted would be an understatement!


Ella had a sleepover at her friend Sophia’s house and they went to the Melbourne Show.  Here they are with Sophia’s little sister Isabella too.


The holidays have also been full of fun…I’ll post an update on week 1 soon.


A Fun-Filled End of Term

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