Party Time

Ruby & Poppy will turn 4 next weekend and we had a fairy party to celebrate.  They were adamant that it was only for girls and of course Charlie!  He was initially having to wear a fairy dress but they decided on the day that he could be a pirate….this made Alan happy.

Ready for the party

We were joined by our favourite fairy, Fairy Twinkletoes, who had them all giggling, clapping and wondering how she did her magic.  She has a natural ability with kids and they loved every minute.

Fairy Fun


Happy Birthday Girls



After cake and face painting we took some photos with their friends and of  course mum & dad.


We all had so much fun – thanks Fairy Twinkletoes!



Party Time

Half Marathon Man

This was the year Alan succumbed to the half rather than the full marathon and we were very thankful not to lose him to all those extra hours of training!

The sun shone on a perfect Melbourne spring morning as the race set off at 8a.m.  We saw them come through Albert Park (near the Grand Prix pit lane) around the half way point.

Ella trying to catch Alan!

Auntie Maz stops for a quick hugAll over for another year.  I wonder if next year we stick to the half or does he get the bug to try the full again?????


Half Marathon Man

School Holidays – Week 2

Better late than never…’s a rundown of our activities in the second week of the holidays.  Ella started off the week with a day at my work.  One of my colleagues had her daughter Jacqueline in the office too and they’ve met a few times before which made life easier.  We booked them a meeting room and they had lots of fun playing schools with the whiteboard, playing on the iPad and treating everyone to some One Direction tunes!  They did really well considering they were there from 8.30-5.

The rest of the gang enjoyed catching up with friends at the adventure playground, paddling at the beach and having a ‘gelati’ as Charlie now calls it.

Alan had the day off on Wednesday so while Ruby & Poppy were in daycare he took Ella & Charlie to MSAC to go on the flowrider.  They love it.  Ella also learned to dive and was very excited to send the videos to her Grandmas.  Charlie was delighted to spend Wednesday night on a sleep-over at his buddy Jake’s house.  Although they’re no longer together every day they still love to hang out together, I’m sure Charlie just loves ‘boy time’ away from his sisters!

I had the day off on Thursday which gave me an extra long weekend.  We had the kids friends Olivia & Sophie stay with us for a couple of days.  The Thursday was a beautiful day with the temp reaching 31!  We spent most of the day outdoors, meeting up with Danielle, Jake, Cameron and of course Charlie and Andrea with her boys Kyle, Kaleb & Aidan plus some new friends in the fort park for picnic lunch.  We then headed home for some quiet time before a BBQ in the park and a reuniting of kinder classes.  Lots of fun.

On Friday we met one of Ruby & Poppy’s best kinder buddy’s, Alexia, in the Dragon Park with her mum and little brother.  The kids had a ball and barely stopped for picnic lunch before they were off playing again.  I was exhausted come the evening.  Alan & Charlie went to the soccer and Ella & I got cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie…… I think I crashed before Ella but the next I knew Alan woke me up when he came home and he carried Ella up to bed.

The weekend weather was back to damp and cold.  We didn’t have much planned and ended up visiting our elderly neighbour who was in hospital for a few days.  It lifted his spirits having the kids chatting away and asking him lots of questions about the hospital.  Marie and Clint popped in to say hi in the afternoon and on the very last day of holidays we caught up with Roberta and Zoe.  Ella had been asking all holidays to see Zoe so she was delighted.

Two weeks of activities and fun and we’re back into Term 4…..the last for Charlie as a kinder boy!


School Holidays – Week 2

School Holidays – Week 1

As promised here’s a rundown of all our activities last week.

Our lovely nanny, Kyla, looked after the kids on Monday and Tuesday.  They caught up with lots of their friends, visited the St Kilda Adventure Playground, cycled their bikes, did a nature trail on the beach plus lots of art & craft.  They’ve all really taken to her which is fantastic and one month in she still seems happy, fingers crossed!!

I took a day off on the Wednesday to spend time with Ella & Charlie (Ruby & Poppy were in childcare).  They decided they wanted to go ice-skating and in typical Melbourne fashion the sun decided to shine as we descended into the cold temperatures of the rink.  Charlie was whizzing around with the aid of a frame and Ella’s confidence has grown each time she’s been.  She now happily skates around only occasionally being intimated by the speed skaters zooming around!  It takes me back to my childhood days skating at Murrayfield in Edinburgh…..I’m sure we didn’t wear helmets and use frames we just got on with it, picking ourselves up every time we fell down.

Later in the afternoon Charlie went to his buddy Harry’s for a playdate, Ella’s friend AJ came over to our place (and later stayed for a sleepover) and then we all went to pick up Poppy & Ruby early from childcare and had afternoon tea & a play in the park on the way home.  The girls are becoming little daredevils in the park:

Alan was on Daddy Day-Care duty on Thursday, a beautiful morning spent in our local park and then fun at MSAC with some friends in the afternoon.  This picture is Charlie on the flow rider a few weeks back, they’re hopefully going again this week.

On Friday we took the opportunity to escape to Lorne for a couple of nights to stay with Jenni & Richard.  The weather was atrocious but the kids didn’t care, they had a ball.

Our first trip to the beach saw Poppy face plant within 10 minutes so it was short lived because we had to take her back to the house for a hot bath.  The boys went to Erskine falls:

The weather had settled a bit by Sunday and after a gruelling hilly and off-road 10K run we headed back to the beach to build a cubby (which someone else had started) then a sausage sizzle followed by toasted marshmallows……more childhood memories!

We arrived home late Sunday afternoon to contend with the usual piles of laundry that a family of six generate over a weekend…..easy dinner and early to bed for everyone.  What will this week have in store?????


School Holidays – Week 1