Hello Baby George

We’re delighted for our friends Fiona & Mark in Ireland as they welcome baby George into the world.  A fourth baby for them joining Hugh, Rory and Robyn.

We can’t be there to share their joy and give George a welcome hug but we send lots of love from Melbourne and share this adorable photo.


K xx

Hello Baby George

How can it already be November?  I feel as though the last few months have passed in the blink of an eye and in another blink we’ll be tucking in to Christmas dinner!

I’m sitting here writing after a very busy week in our household, its 8p.m. and I’m seriously thinking of going to bed.   How sad is that on a Friday night?  Here’s a rundown of the week.

The week started with Ruby & Poppy’s birthday (yes I posted their party which was a few weeks early due to other commitments).  The kids caught up with some friends and we had a family dinner in the evening.  Hard to believe my babies are 4!

Playing at their light table (made by Alan & Charlie)

Birthday girls with Big Sister

Charlie had his friends birthday party the same day, complete with jumping castle in their back yard – perfect for jumping & bouncing away all the sugar they consumed.

On Wednesday Ruby & Poppy were having a Halloween party at childcare, Ruby decided to be a monkey and Poppy was Thomas the Tank Engine….not scary at all!

In the evening I took the kids out trick or treating with some other families.  St Kilda West came alive with so many fabulous costumes and lots of lollies for everyone.  It was a beautiful evening and everyone had lots of fun.

Thursday evening was Ella’s school ‘performance of the arts’ which this year was themed around the 100 year anniversary of Luna Park and local artist Mirka Mora.   This is a serious undertaking, including a full school dress rehearsal on Tuesday, and the staff, pupils and parents always do themselves proud.

Charlie being blown away on the Skipps Tram

Here are a few videos of Ella’s grade performing.

Needless to say after a few late nights everyone was on a go-slow this morning, Ella begging me to keep her home from school BUT…..no rest for the wicked because I was taking part in the Foxtel Lap to raise much needed funds for the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.  Thank goodness I wasn’t running on the treadmill beside the very beautiful Sarah Murdoch!

Its thanks to that week that all the kids were in bed asleep by 7.30! Although Poppy moved from her lovely comfy bed to the tiniest space under Ella’s desk….my kids really can sleep anywhere.


I wonder what else November will have in store?  Lots I’m sure so I’ll be back with photos and an update soon.