Emotions are Running High

On Christmas Eve I find myself reflecting on the past week of highs and lows, the emotional rollercoaster that life throws at us.

Charlie spent his last day at Kindergarten on Thursday, the secure, nurturing guidance of our wonderful teacher Annette and he has really changed this past few months through school transition.  He appeared indifferent to his last day but I hope under the surface he feels more.  All I know is that he is so ready for school now.  He got a letter in the mail from his teacher today which he was very proud of. IMG_3276 IMG_3274 IMG_3261

Christmas Carols – Charlie’s kinder class

Ella finished school on Friday for our 6 week summer break.  She was in floods of tears as Jess, her buddy from when she started prep, is off to senior school next year.  She has been fantastic and truly made Ella’s transition to school easier.  Jess spent time with her to calm her down and explained she could have her email address to chat over the summer holiday.

End of Term Assembly – St Kilda Park style!

The end of term fatigue mixed with the excitement of Christmas is giving us some challenging behaviour to deal with.  When you mix in some late nights for Christmas functions we have had some very grumpy kids.

Saturday evening/night in the city



The late night tram ride home


We also felt the distance from home this week when mum called to tell us our Auntie Frances had died.  She was like family to us since ever I can remember and she adored receiving notes and photos of the kids.  Our thoughts are with her immediate family now and we’ll pay our respects from afar.

We spent many hours on the beach this weekend – myself with all the kids on Saturday and then with dear friends and their kids on Sunday.  We need to grab as many hours, activities as we can with Danielle, Craig, Jake and Cam as the countdown to their next adventure is on.


We’re spending Christmas Day at Jill & Dave’s, it felt strange not to be peeling & chopping veggies tonight.  Instead I created what will hopefully be tasty dessert:


Here’s hoping Santa is good to them tonight and everyone has smiling faces in the morning!

Merry Christmas everyone xx

Emotions are Running High

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