Over this past week we have farewelled wonderful friends, the Duffy family, as they prepared to pack up their lives in Melbourne set for a new adventure in Denver, Colorado.  Their home country but a state they’ve never lived in before.

We celebrated Jake’s 6th birthday a little early surrounded by his friends, we went to the pub and drank bubbles, we tried to help clean out and pack (although in reality this just meant that I gained pantry items).   I found myself pacing their house that morning feeling there wasn’t much I could actually do because the professional packers were coming the next day yet I just wanted to stay, even if I was in the way, because every minute was precious time we got to spend with them.

We had pizza at Chris & Andrea’s on Wednesday night and we all embraced the 6 adults and 9 kids in their apartment, we watched the fire show at Crown on the way home.  The kids were just being kids running around and having fun together.

Finally we spent a glorious (read very hot) Friday at the beach.  Right across the road from what was their house, drinking coffee and of course bubbles in the Cafe across the road.  The kids swam together, dug holes and buried each other and spent what seemed like hours playing with the outdoor showers.  It was hot but nobody complained we were all just enjoying the moment.

Goodbye was, well it was as you can expect, we cried, we hugged and the kids hugged.

I thought of them Saturday morning at 11am when their flight was leaving and now I find it strange to think at almost 10:30 pm here in Melbourne, it is 4:30 am in Denver and hopefully jet lag is allowing them to sleep at such an unsocial hour.

Looking forward to facetime, skype and catching up with their new adventure soon.



IMG_3536 IMG_3537 IMG_3538IMG_2537 IMG_2540 IMG_2499



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