The Start of a New School Year

It feels odd now to think we had 6 weeks summer holidays.  We always start out thinking we have all the time in the world, settle in to enjoying the time off in the middle and by the end we’re trying to fit lots of things in as the weeks quickly slip away from us.  Last Thursday saw Ella back to school and Ruby & Poppy back to kinder, the familiar surroundings and faces we haven’t seen over the holidays make it quickly feel as though we were never away.  I love seeing the smiles on the kids faces as they recount their holiday adventures and embrace their friends as if they’ve been apart for months!

Cycling on our first day back


Monday rolled around and that was Charlie’s big day – first day of Prep!  He was delighted, proud and excited.  He loves his teacher, Tim, and is surrounded by many buddies from kinder – both of which make the transition much easier for everyone!

Proud Boy



Buddies – Max, Jack, Charlie & Ewan


In Class


The prep space at our school was re-designed 2 years ago and the kids are lucky to have a very interactive, modern learning space shared by 3 classes.  Here is a quick tour.

Tomorrow is his first full school day so we’ll see how that goes….hopefully it might tire him out because nothing else seems to work!



The Start of a New School Year