Kids On the Go

It’s time for a more light-hearted post to tell you what the kids have been up to before the Easter holiday fun takes over our world.

I can’t really believe we’re at the end of term 1 already.  Charlie has settled into school very easily, Ella is happy in Grade 2 and Ruby & Poppy are thriving being the ‘big ones’ at kinder.

We caught up with Blanche & Tim (Finally!!!!!) and Paula & Tim and cute baby Jimmy for a BBQ.  It was funny to see Charlie looking after Jimmy….before we know it they’ll be up to mischief together!


Alan took Charlie and his buddy Jack to the air show a few weeks ago.  The boys thoroughly enjoyed it although both said their favourite was the Monster Trucks….figure that out if you can!


One day on the walk home from school, Charlie found a baby possum trying to climb up a wall.  It was a 40 degree day so our nanny, Victoria, decided to take it home and call Wildlife Victoria.  A lovely lady came to pick her up and she spent time telling the kids how old the possum was (7 weeks) and how they would hand-nurse her for 5 months before releasing her back into the wild.  These volunteers do a fantastic job!


We spent Grand Prix weekend with Bryan, Fiona and Rachel down from Adelaide.  It was great to see them because I completely missed their last trip.  Despite qualifying being rained off, the kids had a great time checking out all the happenings of Albert park.


Pre race drinks at Vic Wine CentreIMG_3690



Ruby & Poppy stayed home with me on race day, although we watched the Roulettes, F-18 and the Qantas Flyover from the park.



We had Mad Bad Hair Day at school this week which gives you artistic license to create a super cool, colourful hairstyle.  Some people have got it down pat…..we embrace the cans of coloured hairspray!



Some random photos:

Poppy having fun at School pick-up


Sunny Girls



Ruby & Poppy at school (waiting for us to finish parent/teacher interviews)





Kids On the Go

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