Settling In and Family Time

I’ve completed my second month in my new job and its so refreshing to find myself in a role that is challenging but in a much more collaborative environment, that is close to home and allows me to take the kids to kinder and school first and still make it to the office by 9 o’clock!  I’m loving the bike – my new mode of transport – it literally is under 15 minutes, quicker than my legs or the tram.  So far I’ve not succumbed due to rain but we are only at the start of winter so that may change.  Its not all about me however so I think its fair to say the kids are enjoying having me around more – helping out in the class at kinder & school and most importantly getting home before the witching hour begins.

This has all coincided with the arrival of Grandma & Grandad from home.  The kids were so excited to see them on day one.  I was sure Ella & Charlie would run to them with excitement but wasn’t sure how Poppy & Ruby would react.  It had been two years since we saw them last but they both were jumping up & down with excitement when they spotted them at kinder pick up and came running with big cuddles.  Everyone was happy!

The kids are definitely thriving on the extra attention and its lovely watching them with mum & dad – its such a special relationship that our kids miss out on for most of the year.  Anyway, I’m trying not to think that way and to just enjoy watching their fun and laughter.  Dad has had to master the art of kicking a footy and they are playing relentless rounds of Uno.

We spent a wonderful weekend at our friends place in Lorne celebrating Dad’s 70th birthday.  Although my sisters are both in Melbourne, its rare that we all spend quality time together so this was perfect.  Bush walks, beach walks, lazy mornings, delicious food & drink and more Uno!












Hard to believe the school holidays are almost upon us again.  The kids have had a really great term – Ruby & Poppy are thriving at kinder, Ella’s growing up way too fast and Charlie growing in confidence thanks to his fantastic teacher, buddy Tom and being surrounded by his friends.  Life is in a good place!


Settling In and Family Time