The Power of Social Media

Last Friday Grandma & Grandad took Ruby & Poppy on the train to Brighton.  With bags packed full of snacks and drink bottles the girls were very excited! Lots of fun was had but unfortunately Ruby’s bag was left on the train on the way home.

After several calls and a visit to the lost property department at Flinders Street we had given up on finding the bag but then a glimmer of hope when mum noticed a comment on this very blog from a man called Raj.  He had been chatting to my parents and the girls on the train and noticed they left the bag – he then handed it in to South Yarra Rail office.  The bag had Ruby’s name on so he must have found us through that and recognised the girls from the pictures.

After a few conversations with South Yarra we established that the bag was there and that all lost property is not in fact forwarded to Flinders Street as Metro had previously informed us.  However, the following conversation made us laugh:

Metro: “Why is the person who owns the bag not coming to collect it?”

Us: “Because she’s only 4”

Metro: “Well the person collecting the bag will require to have ID”

Us: “What ID do you need because you don’t know who owns the bag?”

That conversation got a bit ridiculous but in the end they just wanted to record a name incase there was ever a dispute as to ownership of the bag!

Anyway, thanks to Raj and with no thanks to Metro Trains, we had a happy Ruby yesterday afternoon when they picked up her bag:







The Power of Social Media

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