What’s been happening????

It’s funny how the weeks roll along, months pass by and the simple task of finding a spare 10 minutes here or there to update my blog seems to elude me!

Here we are already in the last week of term 3, already 8 weeks since mum & dad were here with us.  We’ve had Ella’s birthday, lots of school activities (retro day, celebrity day, jump rope for heart, walkathon, excursions to the zoo, art gallery and sewage works!!, ), Alan & I ran a half marathon together for a change, everyone got struck down with a yucky virus, Ruby & Poppy started gymnastics and now Melbourne is in the throws of footy finals.  Our team, St Kilda, are out but Charlie is passionately following every game and learning more all the time.  There’s not a day goes past when his ball is not tucked under his arm on the walk to school ready to play at each break.

The birthday girl


Retro Day at School



Book Week at School (Fancy Nancy & Violet Mackerel and of course Wally!)



Fun times with Grandma & Grandad

IMG_4121 IMG_4129 IMG_4136 IMG_4077


IMG_4248 IMG_4247



IMG_4202 IMG_4204

Alan is also training hard for the Melbourne Marathon on October 13th, I’m sure he clocked up almost 90km last week!

Back soon!



What’s been happening????