A Birthday Milestone

Ruby & Poppy turned 5 on October 28th – it feels like a milestone to us for many reasons.  Firstly, and most importantly, because they have grown into their own little characters.  Different and yet still the same in the way only identical twins can be!  Secondly because we are on the brink of having all of our kids in school – yes the same school, at the same time, one drop off, one pick up – the easing in our schedule will be a relief for everyone.

The girls celebrated their birthday with all their kinder buddies at their gymnastics centre.  They had a wonderful time and were thoroughly spoilt by all their friends.


IMG_0939On their birthday we were joined by Aunties & Uncles, our wonderful nanny Jesse and our neighbours David & Renate who the kids have become close to over the past 3 years.  Big thanks to my sisters for helping with the baking!



I’m typing this on the eve of another milestone for the girls – tomorrow morning is their first half day transition into school.  Their outfits were laid out and bags packed before settling into bed tonight.  Fingers crossed it lives up to their expectations!


A Birthday Milestone

One thought on “A Birthday Milestone

  1. Fi says:

    Brilliant photos! Gorgeous girls growing up too quickly..Hope your 1st half day in big school goes brilliantly Poppy & Ruby- bet you’re going to love it!

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