The Return of Crazy Sleeping Places

For those of you who have followed my blog for a while will know, Charlie was always the king of falling asleep in random places.  Well, I thought he’d grown out of it until last week – both of the below photos occurred within the same week.  Perhaps I put it down to being extra tired with the festivities of the season but the under the bed one probably started out as mischievous until exhaustion took over!

Under My Bed


Balanced on the Sofa


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The Return of Crazy Sleeping Places

December Action

Every year I have the best of intentions to be organised for Christmas but every year December seems to creep up on me….I really need to start my shopping!!

December is always a hectic month of socialising, shopping and family time – we grabbed an unheard of free day a few weeks ago and headed out for the day with the kids.  I love Melbourne buts its always nice to escape the city too.

cchair jump four flowers

Ella’s basketball team played their final match for third and fourth place against one of her best friends, Zoe’s, team from Wesley.  Our team won and all the girls were delighted.  They were so proud of themselves because they’ve all improved so much this term.  Ella was awarded the trophy for most improved player and her best buddy AJ received the coach’s award – both very happy!

basketball basketball2

The Middle Park Traders held their Christmas Picnic on Sunday December 1st.  The sun shone, the music played, the kinder kids sang and the kids had freedom to roam around the rides and stalls.  Our kinder cake stall was a huge success too!

pop&roob chrliefarm

Last weekend we headed into the city to visit to the Myer christmas windows and Christmas Square.  We had 4 children all very eager to post their letter to Santa.  Don’t be deceived by the happy Santa snap – it took some convincing to get everyone to cooperate!

mailbox roob happypop family

Last but not least I must mention Charlie’s latest obsession with bugs – butterflies, moths, cicadas, ants.  He loves catching and examining them.  This inevitably means that there are several of these delightful cicada shells scattered around the house…..boys will be boys!!


Next week is going to be an emotional week for me so be prepared for another post….next Thursday we’ll say goodbye to a kindergarten that has nurtured all four of our kids since Ella started there in 2009.  There will be tears!



December Action

Celebrating a Special Birthday

It’s not every day you get to celebrate someone’s 95th birthday….yes I said 95 and that’s quite a number!  Well, last weekend we did just that when we were invited to join in the birthday celebrations of our neighbour Mr Eddie Emmerson.


He’s a remarkable man who is always happy to share a story of two with us and who seems to enjoy the boundless energy of the kids when we drop in for a  visit.  The kids enjoy chatting to him, exploring around his yard and of course his prized lolly jar!

We initially met him though other neighbours but it has since led to Alan & I getting to know many others in his local community – he’s supported my many!


Celebrating a Special Birthday