What were we up to in December?

The start of December saw us celebrating the wedding of the lovely Claire and Chris.  They had a beautiful wedding back home (for Claire) in England and this was a reception for family and friends back in Melbourne.  It was beautiful!

The happy couple and Claire still partying into the night!

IMG_3618 IMG_3971

The most emotional moment of the month was brought to us by the last day of kinder – not just the last day for Poppy & Ruby but the last day for our family….ever!  Civic Kindergarten has been such a huge part of our lives for the past 5 years.  With fantastic teachers, supportive families and a nurturing environment and from that great friendships – I did shed a few tears because its the end of an era for us.

IMG_4429 IMG_4433 IMG_4436

Christmas parties were a plenty in the few weeks leading up to the 25th and of course our neighbour from our old place, Guin, outdid herself again with her spectacular christmas/birthday bash.  Its an event which we’re delighted to still be invited to and an event where the kids and the adults have an amazing time.  The highlight for the kids was catching up with Celia who used to be our nanny and Poppy was boogying away with her on the dance floor until almost midnight.

IMG_4024 IMG_4027 IMG_4029 IMG_4078 IMG_4167

Christmas day was glorious – the first real sunny Christmas day we’ve had over the past 8 years and how I always imagined it would be.  We had a great day with family and friends in St Kilda Botanical gardens.  A picnic with lots of yummy food and great company – what more could we ask for?

All Poppy asked Santa for was a santa costume – her wish was granted!


All dressed up





Fun in the gardens


We cycled to our Christmas picnic


Poised to demolish the fabulous gingerbread house made by Leanne



Another day heading to the beach with our new surfboards


I’m sure this is not why Grandma gave them a basketball hoop!



PIMG_4519 IMG_4538

The highlight of the month for the kids was the arrival of their cousin, Ryan, on December 28th.  They were delighted and loved having him around.

This photo was for Alan’s mum & dad in particular, 1 of their sons and 5 of their grandchildren.


Fish & Chips at half moon bay – Ruby & Ryan

IMG_4554 IMG_4557


Fun at Prahran pool – Poppy & Ryan

IMG_4332 IMG_4309

Alan took Ryan to the cricket at the MCG so me and the kids headed down the Peninsula with friends to go cherry picking.  I think Charlie ate the most but we still came out with 4kg!

IMG_4521 IMG_4529

This kid cannot be left alone for a second…..


On NYE we headed into the city to Yarra Park to watch the kids fireworks at 9.30

IMG_4346 IMG_4563

Back at home Ella was the only one who lasted until midnight!



Ruby & Ryan IMG_4376


On Ryan’s last weekend we headed down to Lorne.  Despite hangovers he and Alan did a long trail run before joining us on the beach where we got him on a surfboard.  I do have video which I’ll upload soon.



There were many tears when he left and I’m sure they’re bombarding him with text messages from their ipods!  They’re also adamant we are spending a weekend in Brighton with Ryan as part of our trip home later this year.


What were we up to in December?

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